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DAKi International founder Daniela and Jennifer Kross in Senya Beraku Ghana

The entire world will move,

if everyone takes just one step

About Us

Our mission is to provide help for children in need

especially orphans, young children, teenagers and anyone who has been rejected from society on the African continent.

Our focus lies on protecting orphans and children who have lost family members and are in desperate need of help.


The goal is to provide opportunities and access to basic education, social development and also to supply care on all levels of human existence: nutrition, shelter, clothing, education...


It is important to us to take the local culture into consideration, therefore we aspire to provide opportunities so that everyone can look after themselves and their families in the future.

Everyone has the right of education, medical supplies and to be protected from violence.


We are a  German African Non Profit Organisation family run business with big hearts and big ambitions - but also with great partners. Helping each other - is all that we want.

We operate with transparency and ethics and passion. Our priority is to be on site in Senya Beraku, Ghana where our project is underway as much as we can.

We promise to allocate  your donation’s to where they are needed most.

2 meals / day

Our goal is to provide two hot meals per day for every school kid


Is needed to build a home for disadvantaged and homeless children

You Can Help

Even small donations make a big difference for these children

Funding Goals

 Our first goal as a registered Non Profit Organisation is to build a home for disadvantaged and homeless children in need.  A secure accomodation!

At the same time we will also provide food and water for up to 100 school children and are actively trying to strengthen the community of Senya Beraku in Ghana. 

We are very proud of our fundraising achievements this year. Next year we will see the expansion of our current building, adjacent school and supply additional support which will help many more children.

school children in Senya Beraku, Ghana


Support us with a one time donation

Perhaps you would like to support us monthly


Bank Transfer

DAKi International e.V

Sparkasse Germany

IBAN DE13 2135 2240 0187 9873 75 

Payment Plans

Find one that works for you

  • Life Saver

    Every month
    1 Maleria test & Medication for one child- Effective starter donation
    • 1 Care Package

      Every month
      1 Child/1Month: Food, Water, Clothes, Medical Supplies & School Fees
      • School Kids

        Every month
        One Week 2 daily meals, enough water and necessary medication for 100 children at school
        • Watertank

          Every month
          1 Tank with 5200 litres of clean drinking water
          • Water

        What We Do

        Raising funds for a safe home, food and clean water, medical care, clothing, protection against violence and child labor, awareness ... and education for real perspectives! In addition to these costly measures, we also make sure two fundamental needs are met: security and love

        Daniela Kross helping the community in Senya Beraku
        Jennifer and Daniela Kross volunteering to save children in Ghana
        Seth Barnes is building a home for homeless and disadvantaged children in Senya Beraku

        Social Work

        Helping Locals Help Themselves 


        Change for a brighter future


        Economic Development

        Transforming Lives

        News feed

        Get the latest update on progress here

        DAKi International project to build a home for disadvantaged and homeless children in Senya Beraku

        Dedicated to providing a better life for people in need

        Did you know that €1,206 will cover the labour costs of these three workers for a period of 6 weeks.  


        €8 will buy one bag of cement or rent an excavator for €210 

        All workers on site will be fed and drink fresh water for €171 over 6 weeks.

        DAKi International volunteering trip to a school in Senya beraku, Ghana

        Keep up-to-date with DAKi International

        If you want support us directly

        Get involved , donate or become a member of our association and help us, so that we can help others.

        Together, we can make a difference.

        Miracle Works Educational Complex NGO owner Seth Barnes with school children in Senya Beraku, Ghana

        Contact Us

        Jennifer Kroß +49172 4359113

        Daniela Kroß +49173 7161391

        Haselredder 17

         23701 Eutin/ Ostholstein


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