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Ways We Help

DAKi International founder Daniela Kross volunteering a community in Ghana
DAKi International founders VOLUNTEER in a school in Senya Beraku, Ghana
DAKi Internationals project of building a home for disadavantaged and homeless children in Senya Beraku, Ghana

Community Development

Working directly with locals for locals, transparency and communication is key

Educational Development

Transforming Lives by providing opportunities for everyone's future

Essential Construction

Securing land to build a home for children in need in 2023 and a school in 2024

Building and Development 

Our first project is underway in collaboration with Seth Barnes from Miracle Works Educational Complex NGO.

This project is in it's final stages and will house and relocate children of Senya Beraku who are currently in a dire situation. 

We have nearly raised a total amount of €63,500 in order to supply funding for construction workers, materials, food and water and also essential supplies for the provision of this development. 

We will do this in a sustainable and accountable manner, ensuring transparency at every step. You know where your money will be spend at every step of the way.

Your donations will be used in Senya Beraku either to finish the building process or to provide food and water for someone.

Building Completed So Far

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