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Become a member or volunteer with us in Africa

Benefits of becoming a member are:

You will be a part of real change


Personalised welcome email from one of the team members

As a member you will be able to support us with your own fundraisers, for example garage sales or other charitable events you would like to do

Any profits made out of such events are for our charitable cause, for example auctioning of needlework, pottery, paintings.

There are no limits to your creativity. If you need inspiration - please contact us here

DAKi International saves kids in Ghana

Would you like to become a Member?

I hereby grant the Non Profit Organisation DAKi International e.V. (VR4710HL), creditor ID number DE06ZZZ00002602080a direct debit authorization by Sepa direct debit until further notice.I can request reimbursement of the debited amount within 8 weeks, starting with the debit date. The conditions agreed with my bank apply. 

Data protection: I agree to the storage, transmission and processing of my personal data for association purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act and the Data Protection Ordinance. My data will only be stored as long as the legal provisions allow. I have the opportunity to obtain information from the association at any time. My data will be deleted when I leave the associaten. At the same time, I instruct my bank to reedem the direct debit drawn on my account by the association.

With my signature I accept the statutes of the association. The current minimum annual fee as a member is 60€ according to the statute 03.05.2023. A one-off admission fee of 5€ will be charged.

We will send you your donation receipt in the first quarter of the following year so that you can claim your contribution for DAKi International e.V. Notice of termination of funding must be given in writing 3 months before the end of the year.

Thanks for becoming a member!

DAKi International
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Voluntary Work

We offer voluntary work.

You can book a trip to Ghana with us and experience first hand what it’s like to volunteer and to do something good.


Seth Barnes “Miracle Works Educational Complex” N.G.O. is a registered educational foundation, which works closely together with parents of Senya Beraku, Ghana to aid children of the community and the surrounding villages.

DAKi International works in collaboration with Miracle Works. Therefore we can offer voluntary work/educational trips through them.

Our common goal is to support these children as best as we can. We want to offer these children the possibility to go to school, get a degree and have a better future.

Furthermore, we strive to provide the same opportunities for health impaired, poor children and also to strengthen and improve the community due to various different projects.

Our projects are sustainable and 100% transparent. Everything we do generates either income for locals or it will lower our running costs of current projects. Everything you invest will be put back into to the community, one way or another .

We can only achieve this with your help.


Our program is for people from all around the globe. It lets the volunteers dive into new cultures, present unique experiences and it’s designed to broaden your horizon and be with likeminded people to potentially build many lasting relationships and learn to thrive in unfamiliar surroundings.

MWEC is working with local and international volunteers and experts to provide solutions to daily challenges that homeless and disadvantaged kids are facing.

This is what we offer.

Program costs: $250 per week per person

Included in this price is 24/7 support from the Team. We have started as volunteers with Miracle Works also and know the physical and mental challenged this programs brings with itself. Nobody needs to feel like they are on their own. This is meant to be a journey for everyone involved and we are more than happy to help wherever we can.

Safety First. On arrival in Ghana you will be met by one of our team members and will receive a safety briefing right away. During the briefing we will create your individual safety plan and make sure everybody is comfortable with it.

We are working very hard on achieving our projects in an efficient manner and our focus lies greatly on sustainability. With this said nobody will be paid for their labour. This is a voluntary trip where we value your time and effort and appreciate everything you have to offer.

Included in the weekly price are accommodation, three meals a day and water.

If additional food and water is needed this has to be purchased by you from nearby street stalls at the side of the road.

There will be toilet facilities and showers nearby but there is no running water. We will supply you with sufficient water to facilitate everyone’s needs.

Restaurants, supermarkets and pharmacies will also be found in nearby villages and can be visited.

Exclusions to the above are flights, visas, insurance, vaccinations, souvenirs, guided tourist tours, Wi-Fi usage and laundry services.

A potential add on is a Tour of Ghana. This tour will cost an additional $100-$140 per day per person.

The tour comprises of a three day trip through various regions of Ghana. You will be seeing monkeys and crocodiles, are able to walk up to the highest waterfall Ghana has to offer, there are jungle walks through the Kakum National Park, visiting a botanical garden and also visit Elmina Castle and Cape Coast Castle.

Available Programs:

Miracle Works Primary School/ Kindergarten

As a volunteer you can teach subjects like English, Math, Science, Art or look after children in the day care centre after school.

Health & Education

Volunteers with a medical background or medical students are able to support local medical centres.

Building & Renovation

There is always something to build, to be renovated or improved. As a volunteer in this area we are looking for people who like to paint, plaster, mix cement, are able to work with a shovel and a wheelbarrow and are skilled in either carpentry or general construction work.

These tasks will be in close contact with the locals who are happy to teach our volunteers as well.



In this area our volunteers will help grow local fruit and vegetables as well as take care of animals such as goats, chickens and rabbits.

Sport & Soccer Practice

It is important to us to install and support a healthy active lifestyle. Help train young kids and make a difference in their development.


Creating Awareness/Coach

The task is to act as a teacher in local primary schools and to explain general hygiene skills and whatever else is needed in every individual case. The goal is to create awareness surrounding health, general wellbeing and development.

We hope to see you very soon.

DAKi International founder Daniela and jennifer kross volunterring in Ghana to help save children and to provide a better future
DAKi international founders provided food and water for school children in Senya beraku and children in need

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